Happy 100th birthday, WSU fight song!


Something I didn't know: According to the book "College Fight Songs II," it's actually creatively titled "The Fight Song." The music was composed by WSU student Phyllis Sayles. Another student Zella Melcher wrote the lyrics. Be sure to play and sing this as loudly as possible in your office today.

WSU unveils uniform combo for Alamo Bowl vs. Iowa State


This is a new one! I'll have you know that a number of CougCenter authors have been pining for this one for some time -- while some of us think the all-crimson looks like ketchup, we've taken to calling this one the "Heinz ketchup bottle." LONG LIVE THE KETCHUP BOTTLE!

Andre Dillard named 3rd team AP All-American


What a cool honor for the senior left tackle. Gardner Minshew did not make the top three teams, not exactly a huge surprise in a year when the top three finishers in Heisman Trophy voting were all quarterbacks.

Great series exposing major issues at Pac-12 HQ (for the Larry Scott crowd)


I've seen it posted in the comments section somewhere and probably a HCA but thought it'd be worthwhile to give the series its own thing. Parts 1-3 have already dropped, Part 4 out later today.

Leach is gone


Anyone think fired KK rented a jet to see Mike?

WSU unveils uniform combo for Apple Cup vs. UW


I love it -- the crimson is prominent, but without doubling up on the all-crimson, which we saw recently. What say you?

Drinking during


I apologized to our Cal brethren for some of our poor behavior to their fans, blaming it on our anxiety with having nice things and our general drunkenness. They responded with their drinking song. So, now I ask, (while drunk) do we have a drinking song? Fight song and Andy grammar song don't count.

Apple Cup: WSU president declares 'Purple Free Zone'


This is pretty funny.

WSU scores ridiculous onside touchdown vs. Arizona


I don't know when the last time was that the kicking team scored a touchdown on a kickoff, since it requires a recovery in the end zone -- the kicking team can't advance an onside recovery. I can't imagine it's very common!

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